Class Dismissed Script

INT.high school-DAY

In the car park of a high school, a grizzled detective prepares to start his debut as a high school teacher.

JASON MCLANE, is a veteran detective whose case leads him to go undercover in a high school to a new drug on the market


Out of all the places this case would’ve taken me, I end up here (sigh)

  dissolve to

INT. class room-DAY

BLADE BALBOA, is the annoying student/sidekick to JASON, he quickly find out his undercover and ask to help.


(in disbelief)

Mr McCLANE, are you even a real teacher?



Yeah, yeah I’m teacher….


Oh really? how come there is a gun in your draw?

JASON runs to close the door


Alright kid you got me, now that you caught me why don’t you stop being annoying and help me out.

dissolve to

INT. a shady janitor shed


Hey, I’m ummmm here to buy some drugs

JAMES the janitor, is the creepy janitor who is suspected to be the main drug dealer


HAHAHAHAHA…. Oh wait your serious

dissolve to

int. class room halway

Detective McClane and James the janitor get into a dirty fist fight and JASON wins.


Who’s the supplier? where are you getting the drugs?


(beaten voice)

I’m not going to tell you

JAMES attempts to run away but BLADE trips him over


        Oh sorry!

dissolve to

INT. cleaning store

JASON is in a gunfight with MONTANA’S grunts. He jumps around to cover and shoots at the same time.

dissolve to

INT. cleaning store


Class Dismi……

fade out



OCTOBER 21TH 2016:

During the first day of filming our movie trailer ‘Class Dismissed’ I had little experience with a camera before. After many takes and help from Mr Perry I was able to learn many new things about the camera, including getting a hang of the zoom, watching the takes after, panning, and trip pod stands.With these skills I will be able to improve and experiment with my camera shot and angles.

There were a few difficulties we experienced throughout the first days of shooting. For starters our team had to split up as we need another prop pistol gun, so Daniel and James went to the woodwork room to make one. Meanwhile Dylan and I took a while to get a good first take as we were having problems with framing and the wind was effecting the voice sound. We solve this by experimenting with different angles and the sound problem was solved by Dylan speaking louder.

I had an idea for a time-lapse of cars and bus drivers on the road but we simply didn’t the time in our tight shooting schedule, so I had to scrap that idea. There were probably also a few another scenes a would liked to shoot and add into the trailer. However, some scenes were unnecessary or hard to shoot while others gave away to much important plot details for a trailer.

Overall I think day 1 of filming went quite well and productive, considering we had to deal with many issues such as making the prop gun. Even with this set back we were still able to work around it and shoot a majority of the set up scenes with the protagonists and we used he class room to shoot all of the school scenes.


OCTOBER 28TH 2016:

This week was another week of filming and I think we can all say that a rap, pretty much i guess. This required me mostly using the camera, which now that I’m more experience with it I improved and also I got to have a go in the spotlight in front of the camera.  This week we experimented and used close up shots, pan and over the shoulder from high and low angles using the trip pod stand. The hardest shot of the film was the chase scene between Dylan and James characters as it required quick work with the camera as I had to follow them. After many takes we were able to work together and I’m happy with what we shot.

I used my practice with the pan from the previous week to shot a majority of the chase scene between Dylan and James characters. I also made sure that I was giving James and Dylan there own chances to go behind the camera and take a turn at directing. I also used the tips I got from James and Dylan to make sure I put on a  good performance in my only acting scene in the trailer.

Thanks to the learning curve we all went through last week, this week we were all prepared, experienced and ready to go. However this week still came with its difficulties, the one of these was during the double period Daniel was away. We all had to expect this fact and together we figured out a way to work around this issue a still get a majority of the shooting down. Obviously I would’ve preferred that Daniel was there and we were able to make what we original planned, but  we had to move on and save that plan for the future.

Even through Daniel is away we worked around and ultimately we were able to say that’s a  wrap by the end of the day. Perhaps next time we have the opportunity to shoot we could add some scenes with Daniel, but now we have moved on to the final editing stage of our production.



Now that we had finish the filming stage of the production we entered the post production editing stage. We still manage to find time to shoot an extra scene with Daniel in it and we got a crash course on using Adobe Premiere for editing our trailer. I started off by collecting all our takes and then dragging then in Premiere to edit, in sequential order. The run time for the unedited trailer was around 2:15, I hope to edit it down to around 1:30 including time to add title sequences.

Thanks to Mr Perry’s crash course on Adobe Premiere editing, I used what I had learn to cut out unnecessary scenes, tamper with the volume by deleting it or changing it, and adding title sequences in unique and creative ways. I will also use the skills I have learnt when creating the title sequences and animations when I do the credits at the end of the trailer.

It wan’t easy using Adobe Premiere, it took a while to get the hang of it, luckily once I did get the hang of it things went far more smoothly. Another slight difficulty was picking a font and color of text for the title sequences, mostly because there were just so many options. The main difficulty our team faced was the time pressure on us as we didn’t have much of a long time. We had 3 periods to make a poster for our trailer and complete editing on it, lucky so far things have gone well.

There were many editing ideas available for use in Adobe Premiere, however some were either to complex or they didn’t fit the style of the movie. I would diffidently like to use or experiment with this editing styles in futures projects. When I get more practice with Adobe, I know I’ll be able to improve my editing skills and make the movie look more professional as I familiarize myself with the site.

The progress on the movie trailer can only be describe in one way now, done! The trailer will be finalized and completed and I’m looking forward to seeing the finish product. Hopefully everything comes out well, as I envisioned it and hopefully Mr Perry will like it too!

inception movie review

BWAH Inception Movie Review:
In an age of sequels, remakes and reboots, inception is a rare chance for viewers to
experience a truly original movie. The original ip first came out in 2010 and was directed
and written by the masterful Christopher Nolan. Staring Leonardo DiCaprio as Dom Cobb
and supported by a phenomenal cast including Ellen Page, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Tom
Hardy and Marion Cotillard to name a few. In the movie Dom is no ordinary thief, he steals
ideas. When you are dreaming your mind is at its most vulnerable point and Dom exploits
this by stealing the deepest darkest secrets within the subconscious. When Cobb is at risk
of never seeing his children again he agrees to gather the team for one last job. However
this job won’t be to easy as the team need to travel through many layers of dreams to not
steal an idea but plant an idea. Together the team must the team must go through the
unpredictable state of a dream and face an enemy only Cobb knew about.

It was said that Christopher Nolan took 10 years to make this movie and that is quite
accurately demos tarted in the movie. The movie is extremely smart and complex it will
have you on your feet begging for more. The cinematography from the movie is what you’d
expect from a Christopher Nolan movie, the best. The score should also not be forgotten
as in contains the infamous BWAH sound. This sound has been take and used in
numerous movie trailers and it perfectly builds tension within the movie. Another aspect
that had a large amount of work going into it was all the set pieces, in particular a scene
involving Arthur, Joseph Gorden-Levitt character and zero gravity. When you watch that
scene you won’t believe the length Christopher Nolan went to literally make that scene
come to life. Ultimately Inception is a must see movie for teens and adults who will
appreciate both the action for the teens and the complexity for the adults. 9/10.

Recreation of a scene

For media we had to recreate a iconic scene from a movie. My group chose to recreate the scene of rocky running up the stairs in the first Rocky movie.

The scene shows Rocky running up the stairs and celebrating as he reaches the top, with his hands up high. The scene contains several camera shots, first the camera follows Rocky running up the stairs, then it cuts behind Rocky to show him with his arms up and the stairs he climb up to reach the top. The shot then cuts and switches to a shot from the bottom of the stairs showing rocky triumphantly on the top of the stairs.


Click here for the video

Evolution of film from 2008-2016

2008- Dark Knight: this movie is by far the best batman story put on the big screen, heath legers joker performance is still quoted and appreciated today.

2009- Hangover: is a comedy about a group of friends, partying before there mates wedding. The movie is stilll quoted and is still funny today. Outstanding performances from the cast.

2010- Inception: an refreshing orginal IP, which is something quite rare these days,  directed by Christopher Nolan. This movie definitely engaged your mind and made you think.

2011-X-Men: First Class: this film acted as a soft reboot to the X-Men universe, and it succussed as it brought knew life into the francize. With a new younger cast and interesting characters.

2012- 21 Jump Street: is a very comedic movie about two police officer re living there high school years as they go under cover in high school to investigate a new drug.

2013-The Wolf of Wall Street: a crime thriller staring Leonardo DiCaprio as the con artist Jordan Belford. The movie is a intresting bio pic that shows all the mischief Belford and the others got up to.

2014- Whiplash: is a drama with Miles Tellers and J.K Simons who both do a wonderful job in there roles as teacher and student. The young drummer is dedicated to become better and the teacher will stop at nothing till he reaches his full potential.

2015- Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens: the return of the beloved star wars francize acted as a star wars for a whole new generation and at the same time pleased older fans.

2016- Rogue One: A Star Wars Story- Although as I am currently making this the movie is not out, I have a faith in the movie especially after the success of Star Wars The Force Awakens. The movie is a spinoff of a group of rebels stealing the death star plans.

Sci-Fi Movie Genre Analysis


I am currently studying the science fiction (sci-fi) genre. Some of the things that happen in every sci-fi film are:

  1. Set in a Futuristic Earth or in Space
  2. Unlikely Hero in a mundane world is brought into a new an exciting experience or journey
  3. Powerful and menacing caped villains are always giving the hero a run for there money
  4. Unique technology: time travelling machines, powerful weapons, hovering cars and skateboards

Above I made a little sci fi clip showing the cliché of the unlikely hero in a mundane world is brought into a new an exciting experience or journey.